“Barbie” Marine who enlisted at age 19 has visited over 100 countries with the military after graduating at the top of her class

Meet combat engineer officer, Brie Burgett, 28, from Lancaster, Ohio. Her career began soon after graduating university with a double honours degree in political science and international relations — aged just 19. But having left college so young, Shortly after she decided to join the Marine Corps in 2011.

She said: “When I walked into a Marine Corps’ recruiting office, they scoffed at a ‘Barbie’ wanting to join and doubted I would meet the physical scores required. Shortly after I became one of the youngest woman to ever commission in the US Marine Corps.”

‘I knew [joining the Marines] would be really challenging — physically and mentally — as well as an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills and gain valuable experiences. ‘There are so many extremely driven individuals. Getting to work with these types of people every day is a constant reminder and incentive to keep working hard,’ she added. ‘The opportunities to learn and grow as a leader in a military career is unparalleled. It is hard to imagine a job that could have done that more than the military.’

Brie has undertaken several deployments and traveled to an impressive 108 different countries including Japan, Germany, and Thailand. Through her varied work, Brianna has worked with governments and militaries all over the world.

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