Hundreds of patriotic Americans storm Michigan Capitol to protest the state lockdown

Protesters congregate at the Capitol Building during the “American Patriot Rally on Capitol Lawn” protest, in Lansing on Thursday April 30, 2020. People gathered to urge lawmakers to vote to end the emergency order.

The demonstration, called “American Patriot Rally” and organized by Michigan United for Liberty, is the latest in a series of public protests citizens have taken against Whitmer’s order and calling on lawmakers to reopen the state.

Protesters held signs, waved American flags and even carried firearms, while some chanted “Let us in!” and “This is the people’s house, you cannot lock us out.” Others tried to get onto the House floor but were blocked by state police and sergeants-at-arms, according to NBC affiliate WDIV of Detroit.

Like the “Operation Gridlock” demonstration April 15 over Whitmer’s stay-at-home order, many demonstrators appeared to be supporters of President Donald Trump, donning “Make American Great Again” campaign hats and, in one instance, putting on a dance routine by two girls wearing masks that appeared to be of Trump and former President Barack Obama.

Murray justified the infringement of rights by describing the order as temporary and in the public’s interest, and declaring that Whitmer does not have “uncontrolled, arbitrary power.”

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