Loudoun County 2A or not 2A Sanctuary status post lobby day, what now, that is the question

Many citizens in Virginia who are both gun owners and non-gun owners have gotten behind the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movements for their counties. This was done ahead of what has been traditionally the Virginia Citizens Defense Leagues (VDCL) day to peacefully assemble and petition their government to support good laws and admonish poor laws related to gun ownership. While the success rate of having a county declare or proclaim 2nd Amendment Sanctuary status in some form or another, not all counties are willing to make such a declaration. Loudoun County VA is one of the remaining 5 out of 96 total (just at half a percent) that have opted out. 

Citizens attempted to have Loudoun County make a proclamation on December 3, 2019. The County Board of Supervisors did take the issue up and the motion failed. The rationale for denying the approval of the proclamation was on the grounds that the County has traditionally not approved a similar stance on hot button topics, like LGBTQ awareness, Gun Violence awareness AND the arguments used in the past is that these types of topics are state issues only. 


As a body of Government, Loudoun County is not alone in this position. Localities within Loudoun County have similar stances, though they don’t always execute with the same consistency across the board. Leesburg Town Council as an example, has voted and approved some hot button topics in the past while ignoring others. Purcellville is another example where no hot buttons across the board have been recognized. While I highlight these three, I cannot speak for the remaining localities and that is where there is hope and opportunity to act.

Just because the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has decided not to support the effort, this does not mean localities should follow suit. If anything people reading this in localities that have a Mayor most definitely should start the process, if for no reason than to embarrass the County government. This is easy enough to do, simply start asking questions about your local government structure. 

Does my town have a mayor and board/council? If so when and where are the meetings? Are the meeting agenda’s and meeting minutes available to the public? What are the rules for getting something placed before the board/council for a vote or approval? Has the town ever approved something similar? 

Once you know those things, everything else is just a matter of time. While you may eventually get your proclamation put up for a vote, you may not get the result you want. That’s the problem with government, the lack of transparency. You see this in the news today, with multiple different headlines saying the majority of VA approves more restrictive x, y, z as it relates to guns. This is more so now that January 20th went off without a hitch and gun rights activists destroyed the arguments of the left. 


Don’t be discourage if your locality denies your request to approve an affirmative proclamation. If they are consistent in this regard with all other hot button issues, at least they are consistent in their approach and you can take some relief in the Mom’s Demand Action/Bloomberg haven’t been able to get a National Gun Violence Awareness day/week/month proclamation issued either. You may find some success if you fail and try again after talking with individual board/council members to try and sway their position. You may never succeed, but without trying you will never know. Should we be able to get enough localities to make proclamations, we can still technically make Loudoun a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. It will take a great deal of effort though, and if you left Lobby Day feeling energized this is one way you can keep the energy going. Make sure you talk to your friends and take the people who disagree with you shooting. You might just be surprised at what changes their perspective and eventually gain their support.

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