Modern Day Washington

Our Modern Tribute

In the spirit of this critical moment in U.S. History, a war that was long, drawn-out over 7 years against the governance of the Parliament of Great Britain, we, at Patriot, or Die Apparel, had been working on a modern tribute to this pivotal moment of the Revolutionary War for over five months. We’re proud to say that our final product is that of today’s U.S. Soldiers crossing the modern river of war in an ode to the brave leadership of our Forefathers, of courage and superior fortitude.

Just as the Revolutionary War was global, the United States is involved in a new kind of war with a global effort – The War on Terrorism. One that has been long drawn over a span of many years. Washington’s siege against the Hessians proved that the American Revolutionary War was a global war. In fact, the British Army recruited soldiers from the Holy Roman Empire to maintain the minimum number of 12,000 troops (Collins, 2014).

Launched at the beginning of the September 11, 2001 attacks by the Bush Administration, the War on Terrorism has required a global coalition response and effort with the U.S. leading at the front, instituting and reorganizing and strengthening intelligence-gathering capabilities, programs and processes while countering such a vast, strategic challenge posed by various regional powers (Jackson, 2018).

During America’s long war, we have seen it handled in various different ways. Nonetheless, we have seen the need for real leadership in order to make America safer.

Under the current firm hand of President Donald Trump, he has compared Cold War ideals against the rule of radical, Islamic threat. Once in the office, he wasted no time to prioritize and strengthen military forces and operations amidst human rights concerns. Some people might say he is aggressive and barbaric, while others favor his actions. Still, he has made positive, incremental steps while sustaining fiscal and material responsibility in compliance with the legalese of war.

Let’s face it – this war on terror has been timely and costly and it takes the tenacity, strength, and courage of current leadership to continue to unite people in the face of political divide.

To honor our brave men and women who continue to carry the torch in service to God and country in the global effort against terrorism, we offer our modern day “Washington Crosses the Delaware” for the patriotic heart. One in which we hope will add value to one’s home in the same way that the original painting received – when nearly every home had a print, engraving or needlework version displayed on the mantel.

A fitting work of art for the budding artist, history buff or military guru in your life.

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