Monte’s Story


I was born in Louisiana where l lived most of my childhood days. As a child born into a migrant family, my dad had always loved to be in the army, so he applied for the US army and was enlisted, this is how my migration life began! We moved to Germany where I attended an American preschool and Kindergarten.

After a couple of years abroad, my family moved again during my teenage years but this time to Philadelphia. Being a teenager whose mother is a Mexican immigrant and my father a Caucasian- American: the town, the people, and the climate were far different from the part of the state where I had lived most of my childhood years.

For the first time in my life, I had an ugly experience in high school; I had to consistently deal with a daily barrage of racist comments just because my mother was Mexican. And because I was as thin as a rake, I couldn’t shield myself against bullies who only found joy in taunting me. Trust me; I have had enough so, I viewed their bigot comments as mere words; mere words that I knew weren’t enough to influence or bring me down. My parents were Democrats and had a liberal mentality which transformed me into being a liberal for a long time.

After the survival phase in high school, I said to myself, if I need to achieve my dreams and vision then I had to learn to pay for what I want, I have to value Education. Balancing a career path with a job (working three jobs) wasn’t easy; to be honest, just to pay for college. But I was determined to scale through the tough days.

While studying computer science in college on how to build software, I had another interest in learning web development because I knew technology would take over in the nearest future, so, I started to focus my extra time on teaching myself web development through free online sources, and today, I’m glad I did.

Time in the Navy

In August 2003 I enrolled in the United States Navy; following the strides of my grandfather who was in the Navy amid World War 2 and my father who was also a retired Army officer. I spent time training at Great Lakes while making a beeline to Pensacola for continued training to be an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Flight Deck Handler).

I was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in technical management and a master’s in business and e-commerce while on active duty in the Navy. Interestingly, I left the Navy in August 2011 after which I returned to Philadelphia to begin my career as a software engineer for an ad agency, a large trucking rental company, and a global property company where I was made the head of web development.

Becoming a conservative individual

I took a keen interest in the words and voices of Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Ben Shapiro from whom I learned about conservatism. This, in turn, changed my mindset to become a constitutionalist conservative.

Obsessed with the American Revolution, I fell in love with my country, God, and the American flag. I am a pro-American, a patriotic veteran, and I stand by the Constitution 100%. I love to communicate or make my argument on political issues through principle and logic rather than feelings.

I strongly support legal migration to the United States just the way my mother did. I am an American but with a mixture of Mexican descent. I am an outspoken conservative, I won’t let liberal New York City change my values and principles, and I don’t feel apologetic about it.

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