Navy Veteran Tim Fitsemons Tells His Story

My name is Tim Fitsemons and I am a disabled Navy veteran. I was in the Navy for 9 years before I was involved in a motorcycle accident that forced me to medically retire. I joined the navy in 2005 a year after high school. I was a naval aviation rescue swimmer. After boot camp, I was stationed in Pensacola Florida for Rescue swimmer school and “A” school. After, I transfered to San Diego for my FRAC or “C” school.

After being transferred to my squadron I deployed 3 times. I have been all over Asia, and 2 deployments to the middle east. After my third deployment I was involved in a pretty serious motorcycle accident. I suffered a spinal cord injury that left me as an incomplete paraplegic, as well as a shatered left shoulder. I was in the hospital for 85 days doing intense rehabilitation. It took me about 2 weeks just to be able to wiggle my toes again. I am still in the gym daily, trying to get back to as close to normal as I can be.

Due to my injuries, I was forced to switch career paths. I am now in school to become a registered dietician. I am taking certifications to become a personal trainer as well. At the moment I am in the process of becoming a NASM certified personal trainer. I will be starting my own personal training business tailored to people recovering from injuries. The goal of my instagram account is to inspire and motivate people to be more active and healthy.

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