Partnering with Elizabeth Najjar

We are partnering with Elizabeth Najjar by sending her apparel as she does her Facebook live videos to speak her mind on conservatism and some of the hot issues in this country such as free speech, the 2nd amendment, etc.

Elizabeth is a high school student in Virginia that faced backlash from her high school for wearing a Smith & Wesson hat to school and then they were forcing her to remove her 18 minute Facebook live video after she voiced her concern on the issue. The video, has over 64,000 views, drew the attention of Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, who wrote on Twitter “My friend Elizabeth posted this Facebook LIVE supporting the Second Amendment.

Najjar mentioned that employees at Freedom High School in Chantilly, Va., have discriminated against her conservative views, including making her take off a hat because it had a gun manufacturer’s logo on it. 

“It’s not the guns that kill, it’s really not the guns that kill,” she says in her video. “If you see a gun sitting on the counter, it’s not just going to kill someone. The person has to pick it up and kill someone, that’s a fact, it’s people killing people.”

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