Standing behind what we believe is our brand

The Founder of Patriot, or Die Apparel Inc., Monte, took it to the streets in his hometown of Philadelphia on May 17, 2018 to hear FOX News commentator Tomi Lahren speak at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA.

Prior to the show starting that evening, members from the Refuse Facism Philly stood across the street in protest of the Tomi Lahren supporters being there to see her show. Protesters began name-calling to the other side of the street yelling names as “nazi, homophobe, racist, mysognist” etc. Those were there to see the show started to yell back at the other side. The night before the event, someone had sprayed “NAZI” on the outside window of the theater. 

Monte was the only one that went over to the other side to try and film and ask questions on why the people there hated Tomi Lahren so much. He was met with name calling and being told obscenities. In the past, such organizations that are against conservatives have physically attacked conservatives with bike locks, throwing urine at them, and hitting them with pepper spray or other blunt objects. Monte, without any protection, went over to try and have a conversation around Tomi Lahren’s presence that evening in Philadelphia. 

Our brand at Patriot, or Die Apparel Inc. is to not be just another saturated veteran owned and operated apparel company. We believe in our brand and our strong message of not being politically correct, addressing major issues in this country thru our designs, and just being out there on the front line and battling our conservative message and views against those who want to silence conservatives. We want to create the movement that you should not feel ashamed for being conservative, loving your country and our flag, respecting our military and veterans, and giving thanks for law enforcement and other first responders.

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