Trump’s SOTU address and how the Dems are the sore losers

The POTUS had quite possibly, one of the best SOTU addresses ever presented. People can not like him all they want, but the facts are facts — our country, our economy, and it’s security are stronger than ever.He does not tolerate attacks on American people.

He loves, supports and fund those who fight for our freedom. Upholds the constitution as our forefathers authored. And stands strong against injustice and evil.

He’s helped more minority’s find jobs, pull themselves out of poverty, and gain freedom from incarceration than even our “only black President” Obama did for his own people.

The facts are irrefutable.

Embarrassingly, the Dems presented themselves tonight as petty, and the amount of disrespect seen in that audience was shameful.

It’s apparent which side is fighting for our country and proud of the strength that it gives back to the American people, and which side is angered and it’s citizens are no longer brainwashed by empty promises and lies.

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