Why we don’t put guns on children’s apparel

As a veteran owned and operated apparel company we have seen other companies out there put firearms on children’s apparel items when they start to branch out and offer clothing for kids.

We don’t feel it’s best practice to promote any child to wear a firearm on their shirt. 

We have also removed the skull and the word “DIE” from our company name on our kids tees.

We do believe that it is best to teach children about gun safety and how to properly handle a firearm, but first as parents and secondly as founders of Patriot, or Die Apparel Inc. we cannot in good conscience use children as a marketing tool to promote the 2nd amendment and glorify the gun enthusiast culture and communites in this country.

“This year I went to the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, GA and I wanted to purchase a kids tee for my two boys. I asked the cashier how come they didn’t have any kids clothes with their logo and she said they don’t promote children drinking Coca-Cola.” ~Monte

We believe that as parents and owners of this company it is our responsibility to promote traditional American values and principle by not involving children in current political rhetoric regarding gun rights.

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